Does God Exist?


Can A Building Build Itself?

If we're talking about the existence of God, according to the Bible God exists. The Bible even goes further to say that it's foolish to deny and that's because a building speaks of a builder and this wonderful world bears witness to a wonderful creator. So much so that to deny that a creator exists you have to reject the obvious, you have to reject the logical implications of all that we see around us. 

Let's talk logic for a moment, does this universe exist? Sane people will typically accept that something exists and to suggest that a building or even this whole universe is an illusion is the stuff of science fiction and it's kind of a dead end to any serious discussion, but if you'll accept that the universe exists there are only two possibilities. Does it exist in and of itself? that is it self-existent or was it created by something or someone else.  I guess you can add a third option and say that it created itself but that's no good as an idea. Buildings don't just build themselves and materials don't just appear and beyond that in terms of logic to create itself it would have to exist before it existed, it would have to exist and not exist at the same time.  There was a great Christian thinker RC Sproul who said that as far as logic goes that's formally absurd and so it doesn't exactly commend itself as a sensible third option. So which is it? is the universe eternal and self-existent? did it never have a beginning? or was it created?

Scientifically everything about the universe that we can test and observe and examine points back to a beginning and so it's really just speculation if you want to suggest that the universe is eternal and self-existent you have to speculate beyond what looks like a beginning and no matter how you dress that up its not science.  But if you'll accept that everything that we can see points back to a beginning, if matter itself had a beginning and it didn't create itself who created it? According to the Bible, the answer to that question is God.  The first verse of the Bible claims that "in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth".   That's it according to the Bible God doesn't even start by explaining his own existence He merely asserts himself and inserts himself into our existence as the One who made everything and that's what makes finding out about God so important.

According to the Bible, this creation declares the glory of God. It tells us a lot about Him, we all know something of his eternal power and divine nature from the things that have been made and it's all so obvious that it leaves us all without excuse.

Thankfully the God who made us has also revealed himself to us in the Bible and so the urgent questions becomes who is this God and what is God like?


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